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Carol Warren Stanton City Council
Al Ethans Stanton City Council Protect Stanton! YES on QQ

Kevin Carr - Ballot Statement


OCCUPATION: Businessman, ecommerce Marketer

My name is Kevin Carr and I am Stantonís Proposition 13 defender. I have been a Stanton resident for over 24 years and have been working hard to bring back those better times to our community. I need your vote in November so I can continue my work on the city council.

My number one priority is supporting our Sheriffs and Firefighters as well as fighting prostitution, homelessness, and graffiti. I will continue my work with our neighboring city of Anaheim on our safety issues on Cerritos Avenue and Beach Blvd. as well. I am proud of our new Central Park and will continue citywide programs for our children and seniors. I will continue my business friendly vision by bringing much needed employment opportunities back to Stanton and reducing our high unemployment.

Kevin Carr is your only Proposition 13 advocate running for Stanton City Council:

  • Worked against the Stanton utility tax in the early 1990ís and parcel tax in 1997
  • Single-handedly defeated the 2012 Stanton Television Programming Tax and Utility Tax increase
  • Worked against the 2001 Stanton Utility Tax and the 2014 Stanton tax increase
  • Worked against the sewer fee increases and the successful reduction of our trash fee increase
  • Saving us Stanton Residents more of our own money
Kevin Carr needs your vote to continue his work on the Stanton City Council:
  • Create programs to get homeless off the streets, bring employers and jobs back to Stanton
  • Vote to fully fund Police and Fire Services
  • Stop the constant tax and fee increases
  • Work to remove the Stanton Tax on cellphones, electricity, land line phones, water and other utilities

Mark your sample ballot now and vote for KEVIN CARR.



Kevin Carr is the most qualified canidate for the City Of Stanton, California
Living in Orange County California Kevin Carr is a businessman
and an Internet Marketer.

Carol Warren Stanton City Council
Al Ethans Stanton City Council
Carol Warren Stanton City Council Protect Stanton! YES on QQ




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